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Madess! The crazy fire of Notre Dame

April 19, 2019
To whom visit Shinelink
Hello dear friend
I would like to write you a special words here but no for business.
It should have a wonderful Holy week, but no more happy because the Notre Dame got a catastrophic fire on Monday.
"Notre Dame is our history, it's our literature, it's our imagery. It's the place where we live our greatest moments, from wars to pandemics to liberations," I agree French President Emmanuel Macron said!
When I saw the Live from the CNN and the news from all over the world. I feel so sad, I love Notre Dame, I am always planning one day I could go to feel and huge the greatest history French Icon “Notre Dame”, but so pity it is not as it was from Monday.
When I saw the crowds of residents and tourists hugged one another as the fire raged on Monday evening, some singing hymns. I keep slice and reflect a lot:
Sometimes we always busy for work, we often procrastinate something, such as we are always planning to travel somewhere, but when time is coming, we delay again and again because we think we still have time. When we would like to accompany our parents or kids from another city at the weekend, but we find excuse that I am so tired I want to sleep more, I would still have much time in future to be with our parents or kids.
When heard the news of Notre Dame got a catastrophic fire, there must be many people including me regret not visiting the Notre Dame before.
So, dear friend, from now on, if we want to do something, just do it and not more hesitate and no more procrastinate.
Finally, I also hope that Notre Dame will be rebuilt soon and hope you still have a wonderful and special Holy Day!
Let us pray for the Notre Dame again and hope all best!
Best regards